Marble Arch – Gold

Marble Arch – Gold

I introduced French dreampop outfit Marble Arch here last year with the first single (‘I’m On My Way“) from their upcoming album release “Children of the Slump“. Now it’s time for the second single of that same release entitled “Gold“, and I can assure you: it sounds nothing like the Spandau Ballet namesake that we know so well. It is, however, aptly named because it is shiny and glittery like the first sunlight in spring reflected on the water; like soothing rays on you face, forcing you to stand still and close your eyes for a few minutes. Leaving winter far behind….

Frontguy Yann Le Ravazet has had some time recently to think about the musical tone of his new record “Children of the Slump“. He didn’t want it to be labelled shoegaze nor dreampop (ouch! I defo would label it as jangly dreampop).  Yann:I think of Children of the Slump as being my real first album as opposed to the former one which was more like a collection of demos” the thirty-years-old artist confessed. The nine songs were mastered with the support of Barthelemy Bouveret”. Marble Arch with their vaporous/ heady repertoire still bear a strong resemblance to bands like The Radio Dept., Wild Nothing, and Deerhunter, all having a common penchant for hazy textures, sparkly guitars and poppy melodies. Make sure to check out their album “Children of the Slump” released on March 22th on the new label Géographie.

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