Sweetsoak – Stained Hands

Sweetsoak – Stained Hands

Sweetsoak is a five piece shoegaze outfit from Seattle.  Originally, a solo project of guitarist/vocalist Omar Lizarraga, the band is now completed by Brittany Garcia (Bass), Chandler Jackson (Lead Guitar), Kyle Garcia (Guitar), and Amr Jan (Drums). The group began playing house shows around Seattle and eventually released a “Tour Tape 2018” which was well received by critics and media outlets. The group subsequently recorded and released a 7″ vinyl called Ghost Love b/w Dizzy Nodding Dream. Stained Hands”, their 3rd effort, sees the band realising their signature style: hazy walls of fuzz with gentle, heartfelt vocals, delivered with a driving rhythmic section. “Stained Hands” is Sweetsoak finding themselves and an impression of what is to come.

Stained Hands” breaks down the door by starting off straight away with a chorus, which is quite effective because it instantly draws your attention. The torrent of pink noise and the languid composed vocals bring back memories of classic 90’s shoegaze bands, like SwervedriverRevolver and Blind Mr. Jones. The verse that follows however could have done with a little extra something, but that hole is filled by the bridge at 1:20 which veers into a subtle lo-fi rift that only the Depreciation Guild could have come up with. The added choral echoes and the ending with that oh so perfect, very precise chord, makes it overall interesting enough to keep listening and hope that the band will make enough progression to make them get noticed a bit more.

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