MMBLR – That Breeze

MMBLR – That Breeze

That Breeze is a track that reminded me of the kind of thing that Austin based duo Hovvdy do: kinda dreamy but simple, sober and organic at the same time. Not completely drenched in effects like most dreampop. MMBLR sounds slightly more distorted and has a darker note, but still has that same filmy, transporting quality: far-away guitars, hushed echoes of voices and faint bells like drops, depicting a landscape both eerie and seraphic at the same time.

MMBLR is the experimental project of New York based drummer Alex Beckmann, influenced by ambient, rock, trip hop, folk and world music. Alex has deviated from years of performing and touring with band Snowmine and as a session musician. Wandering into a cloistered world of solitary creativity, he began to “mumble”: his voice accompanied by small drums, beat up guitars, old synths, bottles and cans. Electronically layered sounds became a cultivation of moody grooves as a meditative experience of sound.

Alex: “I wrote this song on a perfect spring day shortly after meeting the woman who would soon become my wife. “That Breeze” was recorded entirely solo in my tiny bedroom in Queens with a roommate’s guitar that was missing a string. The words and melody started forming as I sat alone on a park bench reflecting on the new romance and the many possibilities of life. As the sun set a perfect breeze sent chills down my spine and I noticed a boy sitting on a park bench also seemed to be contemplating his life and looking at the sky. I wondered if he was thinking about something deep like how do I find peace within and share it with the world or if he was thinking about having a sandwich. Perhaps I was projecting.“:

That breeze
Sending me shivers
Down my spine
That train
Is it coming or leaving?
Am I going to make you mine?
That boy
Looks to the distance
Asking questions to the sky
Will I find peace and return it ?
Am I going to make her mine ?


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