EGOISM – Enemies

EGOISM – Enemies

As opposed to the more electro based Wild Nothing-offspring-dreampop of the last decade, the last year saw a resurgence in classic late 80’s/90’s jangly dreampop in the tradition of the Sundays, the Smiths and Blake Babies. We saw the rise of Tallies and Hatchie, of whom the latter is now joined by her compatriots EGOISM from Sydney. EGOISM release their single “Enemies” today.

EGOISM was born when band-members Scout Eastment and Olive Rush started catching the same bus together to high-school. Their regular morning music debates became a catalyst for a collaboration between the two. In 2015 Scout and Olive assembled a band, and in 2018 they started writing and recording tracks for the forthcoming 2nd EP, resulting in the single “Sorry“: a dreampop anthem of twinkling guitars and bittersweet harmonies.

The brand-new single “Enemies” is another sparkly dreamy guitar pop track boosted with reverb and adorned by Scout’s clear, innocent vocals a la Harriet Wheeler. “Enemies” is about communication and the important supporting role it plays in a friendship when overcoming inner struggles.

Olive: “Enemies” is really just about mental health and how it can affect the people you love. We’re both people who have never had anyone we’d describe as an “enemy”; I think we’re both too busy criticising ourselves and worrying about what the hell we’re doing with our lives. But when it gets to the point that those thoughts are driving us away from each other, it ends up feeling like the real enemy is inside you. So this song is about desperately communicating all those thoughts to each other’’

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