Be Forest – Gemini

Be Forest – Gemini

We haven’t heard from Italian shoegazers Be Forest since their last release in 2016, the single “Glow“. Now they are back with a brand new single from their forthcoming album Knocturne, “a tour de force that dives deep into the elusive trenches and dimensions of limitless night“,  released on February 8th.

Be Forest are from the sleepy little town of Pesaro on the Adriatic coast in Italy, where, in the last 10 years they saw somewhat of a revival of underground audio arts. Be Forest, consists of Costanza Delle Rose (vocals, bass), Erica Terenzi (vocals, electronics, drums) and Nicola Lampredi (guitar), have received international acclaim by working with “a creative aesthetic that mixed the maudlin with an earthy tenebrous timbre that alluded to unknown worlds of mystery and wonder.”

The single, Gemini (Jan. 19, 2019 on WWNBB), is dirge of cavernous guitar riffs and engulfing crescendos. The strident vocals seem to compete with the heavy wall of sound, seemingly intentionally, as the noise seems to mimic a drowning encounter. It’s epic-like suspension between the vocals and guitar make this appropriately-named track a song of defeat yet a triumphant ode with a sense of urgency to overcome defeat. Great tune to listen to on a winter night, trudging through a snowstorm, like I did.

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