Fanclub – Stranger

Austin based trio Fanclub have released their third in a series of brilliant singles titled “Stranger”. Building on a simple synth motif and guitars urged on by propulsive drumming, singer Leslie Crunkilton details a love story in the process of falling apart. Her voice carries the emotional weight of a breakup song, but the danceable beat underneath hints at a more promising future ahead for the songs heroine. There’s a beautiful simplicity to it, but the synths give a futuristic flavor to the song as well.  Call it 21st century twee pop.  It might be no surprise then that Fanclub members Mike Lee and Daniel Schmidt we’re both former members of Letting Up Despite Great Faults and their penchant for the electronic side of indie pop can felt across Fanclub’s music as well. If that band’s track record for catchy forward thinking dreampop is anything to go by then we can expect great things from Fanclub in the future.
Stranger” will be featured on Fanclub’s debut EP All the Same which is scheduled for release in January 2019 on Berlin based label Friendly Reminder.  For fans of:  Depreciation Guild, Hatchie,  Letting Up Despite Great Faults

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