Fadeawayradiate End of Year Song List 2018

Fadeawayradiate End of Year Song List 2018

Well, it’s that time of the year again! Time for lists! This time we decided to skip whole album/EP’s and we made a top 5 of favourite songs that were released in 2018. Songs that we have had on repeat during certain periods of 2018.  Have a look and see what you think, and don’t forget to support the bands that make our dreary days just that much easier, and our sunny days just a tad brighter. Most BandCamp links are included here, so please, donate and share! Have a good Xmas and happy old/new year! We are looking forward to next year’s releases!

Estella Rosa:
1. Men I TrustSay can you hear
2. Orchid MantisSunlight

3. The CatherinesGood Golly Goo
4. KhruangbinFriday Morning
5. HovvdyInto The Sun

Dane di Pierro:
1. SobsTelltale Signs

2. HatchieTry

3. TalliesEasy Enough

4. The BethsFuture Me Hates Me

5. Soccer MommyYour Dog

Brenna Cavanaugh:
1. LightfoilsHoneydew

2. Emma Ruth RundleControl

3. HatchieSure

4. Tears Run RingsDaylight

5. Soft KillDancing on Glass

Daylily Alvarez:
1. Angel AuraSamsara

2. Lazy LegsGloss

3. Bethany CurveFrontier

4. Orchid MantisYellow House

5. SpritualizedI’m Your Man

Wesley Breard:
1. Dizzy FaeJohnny Bravo

2. KhruangbinFriday Morning

3. Yumi ZoumaCrush (It’s Late, Just Stay)

4. JojiWanted U

5. GrouperDriving

Jennifer L. Holland:
1. The DaysleepersCreation

2. Piroshka – Everlastingly Yours

3.The Churchhill GardenBittersweet

4. Seaside CavesSorry

5. Soft ScienceDiverging

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