Tallies – Trouble

Tallies – Trouble


With their debut album out 11th Jan 2019 via Fear of Missing Out Records, Toronto-based jangle-pop outfit Tallies are sharing their latest single “Trouble”.  The single instantly throws you into a maelstrom of nostalgia and recognition: it’s a melting pot of Cocteau-esque reverb-cathedrals, cascades of jangle, and, of course the unmistakable mark of Harriet Wheeler‘s wide-eyed-innocent defiance “with no regard to forth-coming trouble“.

Singer Sarah Cogan explains us that  “Trouble” is about “the feeling of naiveté and being unable to predict certain situations when in possible dangerThis innocence, for women especially, is impossible to maintain as you grow older.”

Tallies are Sarah Cogan (vocals, rhythm guitar), Dylan Frankland (lead guitar), Cian O’Neill (drums), and Stephen Pitman (bass).

Guitarist Dylan Frankland has been immersed in musical influences like The Smiths, The Sundays, Aztec Camera, and Cocteau Twins,  something that is clearly evident in the sound of Tallies, making their music an attractive up-to-date alternative to the fans of their predecessors, giving their tattered hallowed album-copies a bit of a break whilst still being able to go down memory lane.  Frankland: While writing this album, we were listening to The Sundays “Reading, Writing and Arithmetic” a lot. Harriet Wheeler’s soft-spokenly sweet melodies has a major influence on where Sarah sometimes takes her writing to.”

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