Piroshka – Everlastingly Yours

Piroshka – Everlastingly Yours

On the first of October, the bomb dropped that Piroshka, an ex shoegaze/britpop allstar-band had formed, and of course everybody went nuts! The four people in question were no other than: Miki Berenyi (Lush), KJ ‘Moose’ McKillop (Moose), Mick Conroy (Modern English) and Justin Welch (Elastica)
Piroshka is the Hungarian word for Little Red Riding Hood, giving a subtle nod to the fire-red haircolour that Miki Berenyi had during the time she was in 1990s band Lush. The band promised “gorgeous bittersweet, euphoric pop that is much more than the sum of the four parts, Piroshka’s music combines physical force with sublime delicacy and lyrics that reflect the brutal times we are currently living under“(press).

Well ladies and gents, today is the first day that Piroshka gets a chance to live up to their reputation since they revealed a very first track called “Everlastingly Yours“, and I am very pleased to say that it’s a fantastic track!

To be totally honest, I was always a bigger fan of Moose than any other band in the shoegaze “scene” at that time, even, or maybe especially, when they ditched shoegaze and went completely Fred Neil. I still have hand-written lyrics of the first drafts of what became “The Whistling Song” and “Sometimes Loving Is The Hardest Thing“, which I cherish very much. I also own all their CD’s. Needless to say I was happy as a lark to hear an unmistakable Moose influence on “Everlastingly Yours“: their melodramatic, orchestral 60’s pop, far-away-western-guitar trademark is all over it (despite the off-scent throwing typical Lush teaser intro). Miki‘s voice and characteristic phrasing just fits here like a glove, without sounding too much like Lush at all. Which personally, I think, is not a bad thing. This is just perfect pop. I really didn’t expect, after all the dry-milking of the shoegaze genre; the umpteenth reunion tour; the hype… that I would sincerely say, without an ounce of nostalgia, I am really looking forward to what Piroshka holds in store for the future! So, expect lots of bababaaahs a la Stereolab, lush orchestrations and Mexican trumpets… here’s the first Piroshka!

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