Marble Arch – I’m On My Way

Marble Arch – I’m On My Way

I know I do go on about current dreampop bands sounding formulaic etc. but once in a while I find a track in my inbox that stands out: just something in the chord changes that adds more depth, the right balance of instrumentation and a fickle composition to keep your ears perked …. The new Marble Arch single “I’m On My Way” has all that and more. The single will be released on November 15th and an album of the same title will see the light of day on the 16th of March 2019.

Parisian dreampop outfit Marble Arch owes their name to the white marble monument, located on the West end of Oxford Street, is the project of Yann Le Razavet, who sings and play guitars & keyboards.
During live performance he is assisted by: Thomas Tan (guitars), Adiren Vernet (guitars), Thomas Beilles (bass) and Danny Kendrick (drums). Yann Le Razavet draws his inspiration from shoegaze and dreampop gems, and orients his music towards childhood and experimentation. 

I’m On My Way” is as powerful and driven as it is dreamy: the chords wind and plummet into unexpected deeps, halcyon vocals harmonise, synths soar over scenery, always underpinned by steady but nonchalant strumming and unwavering beats. I even hear a Cornelius influence, which is always more than welcome on this side! About the upcoming album I can disclose this much: Marble Arch is a band to watch!

For Fans of: Wild Nothing, Night Moves, Small Black, Bolinas, Cornelius

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