Bootchy Temple – Glitches

Bootchy Temple – Glitches

Bootchy Temple are a Paris based indiepop band, that claim to be influenced by “the tweepop scene like Sarah Records, Flying Nun Records and bands like Yo La Tengo or Beat Happening. “Glimpses” , their third album to date, is released today (October 26th) and contains all sorts of yumminess for fans of twee/janglepop, lo-fi, psychpop and proto-shoegaze and current dreampop. Influences I hear particularly prominently are (post-gaze) Moose, Spectrum, early Stereolab and Kurt Vile. So what’s there not to enjoy? I asked frontman Martin Meilhan-Bordès to introduce the band to the Fadeawayradiate audience and tell us some more about “Glimpses”:

Who are Bootchy Temple? What is your background story? Where does the name come from?

Martin: “We’re from Bordeaux, we met each other when we were teenagers, we were drinking beer in the same place, a pub named The Mushroom. One time at this pub, while we were looking for a band name, they played “Surfin’ USA“. You know the moment where they sing “bootchy, bootchy, bootchy”, it comes from that! We subsequently discovered other significations…

What sound do you want to put down and why? What are your influences?

Martin: “We like the sound from indie bands like those from Sarah Records, Flyin’ Nun Records or Chapter Music. These days we are aiming at something more dreamy, like Spectrum, but more weird and poppy.

The album looks like something of concept album? what is the thought behind this?

Martin: “Yes it appears like a concept but it was only when it was finished that we realised that. We had this feeling of putting our head in different portholes when we heard it entirely for the first time.”

Any music gems that you can recommend to the FAR readers?

Martin: “Yes ! listen to all the Paris’s pop scene, EggS, Jaromil Sabor, Chiens de FaÏence, En attendant Ana, Belmont Witch…”

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