The Maria’s – Cariño

The Maria’s – Cariño

“Cariño” is the latest single/video of the LA based The Marias’ forthcoming second EP, Superclean Volume II, which will be out in out in September and follows last year’s Superclean Volume I album.

Sitting on my roof terrace, with the setting sun glowing behind my closed eyelids, I am listening to “Cariño” for the first time, and it’s instantly captivating and just perfect for the setting. The mellow, swoony guitar intro is simply to die for and if the song would have been just this, on a loop, I would have been happy! But there’s more! Maria’s sensual voice slides in and suddenly we find ourselves in a Cardigans song: a vintage ambience adorned by brass and jazzmasters, suits and cocktails. The song subsequently flows back effortlessly into that luscious, seductive riff, this time guitar solo’s, brass and swelling synths are thrown in for effect. Maria’s phasing from Spanish to English makes “Cariño” an irresistible late-summer- hit : “something about you babe”…..

The video for “Cariño” premiers today and(directed by cinematographer Ian Lipton) was meant as a tribute to the French New Wave cinema of the 60s. Enjoy!

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