Summer Singles: Part 1

Summer Singles: Part 1

Summer is halfway over already and maybe you’ve been busy enjoying the pool and barbecues too much to notice all of the brilliant singles released so far.  If so, you’re in luck because we’ve rounded up ten great songs that came up on our radar in June and July:


Telltale Signs” – Sobs
Singapore trio Sobs seemingly came out to nowhere to drop this euphoric dream pop gem. Filled to the brim with chiming guitar hooks and soaring vocals, if I had a convertible this is what I’d be blasting with the top down all summer.

Bad Timing” – Phantastic Ferniture
Hailing from Sydney, I suppose summer is a lot colder in their hemisphere. Nevertheless Phantastic Ferniture have released several sunny singles in anticipation of their debut out July 27th with the most recent being this danceable tune and delightfully weird video.

Satellites” – Glass Horses
Glass Horses are relative newcomers to the scene with only two previous singles.  “Satellites” is their strongest offering so far building on the classic shoegaze style of distant vocals, delayed guitars and synth swells.  It isn’t all about atmosphere though, as traces of post-punk ad an urgency and edge to “Satellites”.

Clouds” –  Harrison Lipton
Harrison’s latest is another beautiful and spacious song that takes its time revealing its charm. If you had an R&B singer over late period Talk Talk you can imagine what you’re in for with “Clouds

Wasting Time” – Young Scum
The lead single off Young Scum’s debut album is a jangling ode to growing up and lamenting lost time.  It’s the soundtrack to summers spent slacking off and nostalgia for the carefree days of youth.

Tired” – Margot
Margot quietly released their second single earlier this month and show off their growth and maturity for such a young band.  More introspective than their first single, Margot add somber strings to jangling guitars on this slow burner that unfurls into a satisfying crescendo.

“Don’t Leave it in Our Hands” – The Essex Green
Indie veterans Essex Green ominously warn of spies and revolution on the urgent sounding “Don’t Leave it in Our Hands”. They manage to make it all sound pretty under gorgeous harmonies and catchy hooks.

Letting Go” – Wild Nothing
Dream pop darlings return to a form reminiscent of their albums from earlier this decade. Drenched in reverb, 80s synths and a yearning anthemic chorus, its a promising first offering from upcoming album Indigo out August 31st.

Crawl In Love” – Menace Beach
Pulsating synths carry this second single off Leeds duo Menace Beach’s forthcoming album Black Rainbow Sound. There’s a quirky fun vibe buried under all the grime in this song.  On our summer playlist this one would set the mood for those late nights at the carnival.

Go Low” – Film School
California shoegaze veterans return with their first new album in 8yrs September 14th and “Go Low” is our first preview of what to expect. Hazey vocals hang over quivering Moog loops as gradually more and more pieces are added.  Chiming guitars turn druggy by the end as they blur with the vocals and synths. The lyrics apparently were inspired by Blade Runner which only add to the cool factor.

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