Boy Pablo – Losing You

Boy Pablo – Losing You

Boy Pablo are Pablo Muñoz, a 19-year-old teenager from Norway with a Chilean background, and Declan Mckenna and Gus Dapperton, his best friends. Together they started Boy Pablo, a bedroom project, in 2016 and released 3 singles and a 6-track EP. All Boy Pablo’s tracks are self produced and written.

Boy Pablo‘s “Everytime” ended up in the You Tube recommended video/side bar of anyone that is into indie music. Was it a twist of fate that the song gained favour of the Tube’s algorithm, or was it a music-hound with a keen eye for talent? One thing is sure: Boy Pablo will soon be man! Their single “Everytime” literally exploded (6 million plays), and turned the life of these youngsters upside down. After being heralded by the media as the new Mac de Marco, and getting to play for the King & Queen of Norway, Boy Pablo are now playing for sold-out concert halls in Europe (then we take the US).

Just a few days ago, the band also dropped the new single “Losing You“, which is surprisingly, even better, and will give them the opportunity to distinguish themselves from the “de Marco/Miles High club”. As opposed to the more snoozy, slow-strumming, lo-fi, retro-synth sound from before, “Losing You” is a sparkly uptempo pop-gem that reminds me heavily of sophisti-pop giants like Aztec Camera and Everything but the Girl. “Losing Yousounds like yesterday, and utterly fresh at the same time, but above all, irrestibly charming! Don’t miss them live, like I just did….(damn).

Boy Pablo Tour Dates:
Mar 26 – Ancienne Belgique/ Brussels, Belgium
Mar 27 – Queen of Hoxton /London, United Kingdom
Mar 28 – The Green Door Store/ Brighton, United Kingdom
Mar 29 – l’Ère de Rien/Paris, France
Mar 30 – Bad Bonn/Düdingen, Switzerland
Mar 31 – Astoria/Turin, Italy
Apr 01 – Covo Club/Bologna, Italy
Apr 02 – Sala LOCO Club/ Valencia, Spain
Apr 03 – Sala Las Armas/Zaragoza, Spain
Apr 11 – BLÅ/Oslo, Norway
Apr 13 – Østre/Bergen, Norway
Apr 19 – Marché Gare/Lyon, France
Apr 20 – Chemin Bleu/ Rezé, France

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