Candace – New Ruins

Candace – New Ruins

It is amazing to hear a band evolve right before your ears. I had to take a listen at Candace’s previous releases to get a real feel of what they may have hoped their new album “New Ruins” to sound like. It sounds like what a time-lapse video of a dahlia bud flowering looks like. Not only does one witness numerous layers of pedals extend outward, but they also unfurl. It is indeed mesmerizing, just like this album. It flows beautifully—methodically—as it pours off the speaker and into the instinct to sway into dance. Every song reveals another layer of complexity that has been well-woven into the fabric of the band’s sonic aesthetic. The entire album flows ever-so-visually, and is cloaked in both heaviness and gentleness.

There is a remarkably refined sound to Candace on this album. It rings more soulful than any of their previous releases. The album has beckoning bass lines, sultry (and well-harmonized) vocals, whirling guitars, and softer (yet powerful) percussion. Candace’s earlier works had a lot more overdrive, and crashing drums. New Ruins seems to have balanced every members’ contribution to a fine tuning that demonstrates a measurable growth. With any type of growth come nostalgia, which is prevalent throughout the album, and this is also what makes the album so expansive. The influences here seem to be folk-meets-surf-rock. I like it; it makes me think about what a Fleetwood-Mac-meets-The-Craberries mashup might sound like.

Favorite tracks include “Sunlight“, “Waltz“, “Baggy” and “Mendocino“. “Sunlight” lead the way to whatever daydream I wanted. This track has initiated my Summer 2018 playlist. I promise it will make you want to be in 80-degree weather. Waltz is very heavy and lovely. Baggy is probably the track people think of when they want to compare Candace to Warpaint, so if you like Warpaint, you like Candace. “Mendocino” is a great track to hear on the road. The entire album will be part of the soundtrack to your summer—and it is not even spring yet. It’s album that looks forward, and Candace have shown that they look forward a lot. Bravo, ladies.

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