Fadeawayradiate Top albums lists 2017

Fadeawayradiate Top albums lists 2017

Top 5 album releases 2017 by Fadeawayradiate crew:

I think this last year saw some really great releases, as opposed to last year, when everybody was scratching their heads a bit.

This year we saw the triumphant return of Slowdive, a way overdue release of Airiel, and a strong comeback of Frankie Rose, but also plenty of newcomers and just great releases by artists that kept themselves busy as usual. I was particularly proud that Fadeawayradiate released its own digital album on Bandcamp this year : something that was particularly fun to do and will be repeated next year!

Let’s have an even better one next year! Cheers to all who supported the blog, the music, and all the artists that make this world a better place…

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