AKWUAR – Millions of Same Faces

AKWUAR – Millions of Same Faces

We are pleased to introduce you to a whole new name in indie-dom and present this first single/ video release by DIY indie project AKWUAR. The single is called “Millions of Same Faces“, the video will be released November 13th, followed up by the release of a self-titled full EP in January 2018, that will available on vinyl and digital format.  The debut EP will contain 7 self-written, self-produced, and self-mixed songs. AKWUAR can be described as : “strong stoner drums and psychedelic synths come together to create a curious dreampop symbiosis“.


AKWUAR is the project of Patrick Braun, from Cologne / Germany. Patrick told me a bit about himself:
I have been a dj and an electronic music producer for a long time so I have some ideas about technical stuff and production and sound,  but there was this point where I was really pissed off about everything sounding so synthetic and straight and clean so I wanted to get back to lively and organic stuff and I detected a lot of rock music where I was into when I was a teenager, music with a lot of faults and happenings, real moments of unexpected human sounds. So I just started to record all instruments by myself I wanted discover what I would sound like. I just started singing 1 year ago. Never sang before. Not while cooking not under the shower. I became so fascinated of recording that maybe I was obsessed of creating something. To find out what I sound what I listen like. Killed several weekends in the basement. It’s like a big adventure of discovering myself


On the (making of the) video of “Millions of Same Faces“: “I wrote the Script together with the director Antonio Freitas from follow creative studio. It is the abstract idea of a world full of superficiality and mixing up reality with virtuality.. a kind of “drunkenness in synthesis”. I didn’t want something completely identical as the music and lyrics say cause then there would be less space for interpretation. The video is shot in Lisbon the actor is called Joao Jacinto. Me and the directors, Antonio Freitas & Fabio Silva,  became good friends and I visited them this year where we swam together in the 13 degrees cold Atlantic in October”.


Millions of Same Faces” starts out with some very basic, but arcane guitar-chords that ooze the rawness of a band like Nirvana and the “deserted-street-night” atmosphere of the Blue Nile, creating the right amount of tension to keep your ears hooked to see what is coming around the corner. Things get flowing when drums, bass and a second vocal line are added,  and then the surf picks us up at the infectious chorus….. subsequently knocks us under a “bridge” where things are suspended and we are neatly put back on the verse-shore again… subtle details are added along the way….. leading to an unexpected peak at the end. Clever composition. Promising stuff!

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