Norway Calling!: brandnew Oslo Oscillator, Måke and The Megaphonic Thrift

In the last weeks, three brandnew indie-tracks from Norwegian bands saw the daylight. I am intentionally avoiding the word “fresh” here, as they all seem to draw extensively from past influences in indiepop. Both Scandinavian and Japanese bands alike, seem to excel in meticulously nailing a particular style or genre (or pastiche thereof), often with a typical penchant for the alternative music niches from 80’s or 90’s UK scene. Upon listening to Oslo Oscillator, Måke and The Megaphonic Thrift, these references seem to be unabashedly conspicuous, but since the modern Indie scene in general seems to thrive on hybrid constructions and pastiches of recycled quotes and formulas of the past, we’d rather have them do it properly, don’t we? Well, leave that to the Norwegians… (If only I could have added acts like Kaja Gunnufsen, ØY or Pokal, but they haven’t released anything lately 🙁 )

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