Close Encounter – Fade Away…

Close Encounter – Fade Away…

Aaah…. Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a blog Anthem! And what could be a better than this magical mystery tune by Seattle based band Close Encounter (personal resonance of the first kind!).The song just has that perfect balance of sparkly jangle, scintillating haze and sophisticated radiance: in short, the sounds that we live and breathe on this blog ! Don’t let them ever Fade Away…….


The band Close Encounter formed in 2016 and released a self-produced 7-track EP “First Light” engineered by guitarist Bill Darksoft and released on Lookup Records. According to themselves, they play: “a pop blend of dreamy shoegaze and new wave sounds.” Close Encounter is made of Bill Darksoft (Guitar/Voice), Bobby Sydney (Guitar/Voice), Cameron Lambert (Drums), Matt Conlen (Bass).


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