The Sorry Shop – Soft Spoken

The Sorry Shop – Soft Spoken

“After a long time, we finally released our third full album. Based on a Dream Pop aesthetic but also flirting with the most iconic elements of Shoegaze, “Softspoken”, our new album, is a soft and noisy blast. The blurred and fuzzy pachyderm of the cover (which is signed by the talented Meire Todão) summarises the main idea of ​​the album: Even with all the heavy weight of the world and the burden we may carry, it is possible to float. With introspective lyrics and a certain melancholy in the aesthetics of sound, The Sorry Shop creates an album of amiable and unpretentious landscapes, inviting the listener to the imaginative labyrinth of distortions, reverbs and delays.” (The Sorry Shop/ press)

Review by Brenna Cavanaugh:

Driving yet mellow and full of hazy goodness, The Sorry Shop offers their most recent album, “Softspoken”. Much like the namesake, this album is a bit subtle, but pays homage to some of the themes that we have come to look for in the genre of Shoegaze and Dreampop. While this title doesn’t reinvent the wheel or push the envelope, it is very enjoyable and offers the “warm tea with honey” that I look for in a Shoegaze release. It’s got a warm, passionate tone to it as well, making this album a great selection for background album for date night during alone time.

The title track is light and airy with just a touch of warm fuzz. “Pearls” offers buried vocals that perk the ear but blends well as another layer within the song. There are times in modern releases that I wish this format would change and the vocals were clearer, but here it works well and keeps the air of mystery that makes the albums a bit steamy. “Rosetta” continues with this sensual tone, hiding male and female harmonies under a light layer of distortion, blending warm tones and reverb that echo sweat and flesh tones in the mind.
Track “Lost in Between” has a great hook and head bobbing groove, and little bit of a RIDE feel, while “Queen of the North” harkens aesthetics of Slowdive.
So, if you are looking for something that fits the Shoegaze mold, I highly recommend this album. I know that I will have it bookmarked, filed under “Sexy time”.

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