Space4lease – Must be Something

Space4lease – Must be Something

Space4Lease’s new song “Must Be Something”  premiered on Friday July 14 comes as the first single of releases. They released their first EP “Hiraeth in November 2016.


I have to say, the band name doesn’t particularly appeal to me and the introduction as indie psych-rockers meant little or nothing to me either, but I always play tracks I get them submitted,  and this was more than a pleasant surprise: the track has that dreamy slow-paced, hazy vibe that a lot of new dreampop acts like Wild Nothing, Hazel English and Washed Out have, but this is combined with some 70/80’s soft rock and sophistipop elements (randomly, Fleetwood Mac, Blue Oyster Cult and Prefab Sprout spring to mind ). Really laidback and soothing. Nebulous synths, chiming jangles and reverberant, distant guitars lull us into melancholy mode with the prospect of open skies and endless possibilities at our feet. Can’t wait for the rest!


The inspiration of the song, frontman Grayson Hamm explains, comes from a road trip: “Coming from a small town, I never had the experience of the big city life, but surprisingly it wasn’t these destinations that intrigued me the most. It was the journey, and the miles, and time it took to get there. Once we were out on the road all by ourselves just driving and seeing the countryside, this quest of finding myself really started to take effect. This is where the premise of the chorus let alone the whole song comes into play. “There must be something in the way how, there’s nothing standing in our way now.” I started to realise that the only barrier that was standing in the way was myself. The world was just waiting for me.


The story of  Space4Lease started in 2014, when keyboardist Grayson Hamm met other members at the Academy of Contemporary Music at the University of Central Oklahoma.  The band quickly became known in the Oklahoma region and have toured extensively throughout the Midwest. Derek Brown of The Flaming Lips, described them as, “Fellow Oakies that wonderfully mix the blissfulness and melancholy of the great wide open. Highly recommended!”.  Influences named are Tame Impala, My Morning Jacket, and upcoming artists like Big Thief, and Andy Shauf. They pride themselves in “remaining elusive to the confines of any one genre, and have worked hard at developing their own musical identity and sonic aesthetic.”

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