New Sophistipop Playlist

Sophistipop is making a comeback! The old stuff is back in vogue and a lot of newer band are paying homage to this genre that was popular in the 80’s. I selected 10 new Sophistipop tracks that I personally love and think are worth listening to (for more info on the genre see
1. The Loch Ness Mouse -Bamboo
2. Tenant From Zero — Grant McLennan
3. Roman à Clef – Abandonware (Josh And Jer)
4. Ice Choir – Comfortable
5. Germans — Cruel
6. Minks — Everything’s Fine
7. Niki & The Dove – So Much It Hurts
8. Rosemary Fairweather — Good News
9. Ablebody — Gaucho
10. Chaconne – Merry Yuletide Mr. Sprout



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