A Thousand Hours – The Desolate Hour single

A Thousand Hours are Red Collier – vocals, guitar, keyboards, production; Demi Haynes – vocals, guitar and bass and Albert Gresens – guitar, bass

There are some songs which are like ghosts that inhabit a certain hour, a certain place. Beyond these places, they only manifest as bad feelings or pleas, begging someone to visit them in their haunts in the form of echoing memories like a parent or lover calling you home but that always inevitably end with you waking up realizing you’ve been daydreaming again. The aptly named “Desolate Hour” by dreamy “slowgazing” project A Thousand Hours (hopefully meaning we’ll be getting a thousand songs!) is the first official single they’ve released, the result of a collaboration between Red Collier and Demi Haynes, of the band Seashine. Desolate seems to be the proper adjective for the room I would feel myself drawn to in dreams by this siren’s song. The guitar and bass have a chiming interplay, with subtly echoing delays that seem hazy in the space between sounds, almost chasing each other. The plodding rhythm catches up quickly enough to not drag on, but never leaves the speed of a depressing crawl of someone who doesn’t want to get out of bed ever again. The eerie tension builds and climaxes as both vocalists duet with a several guitars providing a fantastic backdrop. Fittingly, the companion to “Desolate Hour” is the atmospheric instrumental “Rainy Days”, a slow burning song built around a droning but jangly-in-an-80s-way guitar and a slowly-trudging drumbeat, accompanied by eerie phaser/flanger guitar noise slipping by in the murkiness which really build a sense of frightening psychedelia. The bass line feels like something from a mysterious Cure b-side or something from The Church’s secretive hidden album “Bastard Universe”; very post-punk and menacing. The entire track, as with the first, is drenched in the perfect amount of roomy, lofty space. There is a sense of being in the room the music originates from, of sitting at that windowsill by your beside and watching rain trickled down the glass, pondering grey skies and forlorn, lost love. Overall, if this single seems to be indicative of a larger, even more ethereal and gloomy album of songs upcoming from this project, I am quite excited and anticipate more in the vein of A Thousand Hours4AD-infused & dreamy slowcore soon.


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