The Marbles Jackson – Ten Million Suns

The Marbles Jackson – Ten Million Suns

After their debut album “Notes To The Dust“,  Londoners ( HackneyThe Marbles Jackson release a new single called “Ten Million Suns” / “Wish For” on 26th January 2017.  The Marbles Jackson are: Terry Kirkbride vocals, drums & guitarNaoko Takahashi on guitars and vocals,  Simon Gwynne on keys and guitar and Mikey Belfast Gibson on bass. Sofar, the sound of the band has been compared to that of Mazzy Star; the early Verve; Spiritualized, and The Velvet Underground .

Ten Million Sunsthrows us straight back into the 90’s, sounding like a mix of Stereolab‘s “Super Electric and the Verve‘s “Blue at first, then the drone shifts into a more melodic dreamy chorus with soft harmonies and hallucinogenic guitars. The track was named after the discovery by astrophysicists, of the brightest pulsar ever detected. The sounds and the trippy video (done by NaoKo TakaHashi) all seamlessly blend into a psychedelic space-cocktail: shaken and stirred! The B-side is the still eye of that kaleidoscopic storm :”Wish For” is a melancholic late 60s’ folky tune with hazy slide guitars and vintages keys. Heavily reminiscent of “Willow’s Song” from The Wickerman (1973)

Very limited edition red cassette tapes (collectable!) and digital download will be available on 26 January 2017 via the band’s own Feline Frequency Recordings label:

Connect with The Marbles Jackson via the band’s twitter ( and FaceBook pages for more details about the event on 03 Feb 2017 to mark the single launch at Lion Coffee + Records, Clapton, London, UK.

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