Cascadia Fault Line – Paper Stars

Cascadia Fault Line – Paper Stars

Cascadia Fault Line are a brandnew, 4 piece shoegaze/dreampop band formed very recently in Liverpool, home of one of my most beloved bands.
Cascadia Fault Line has Rachael Dunn as their front woman, who sings and plays guitar, Joe Jackson (no joke) on guitar, Tony Duncan on bass/keyboards, and Marcus Mayes on drums. The band have just revealed their debut single “Paper Stars” (“FireFly” on b-side) wich is available now on all digital downloads, with a limted CD release early in the new year on Tiny Parcel Records. They will be on the UK gig lists next year.

Bassist Tony Nicki Duncan on the making of “Paper Stars“: “Paper Stars started as a Bassline at first rehearsal, Joe Joined in on Guitar followed after by Marcus on drums. Meanwhile Rachael was sat on her phone in the corner of the room. We thought she was texting. Next thing she started singing the song. She had written the words whilst we were playing.”

Paper Stars” starts out with some subtle, warm, guitar chords bathing in reverb, transporting us to faraway skies in a land in between Tears Run Rings and the Sundays.  I was super pleased that the vocals were delightful and lucid and actually amplified the gorgeous sound, which unfortunately isn’t always the case in starting bands. But then again Rachael Dunn doesn’t seem a stranger to the music scene: she has already done some solo stuff: her voice is truly unique and seems a perfect match to the rest of the band sofar. The lyrics are fragile and poetic and conjure up clear wintery firmaments  : “Make a wish on a paper star will carry you so far …” I am looking forward on hearing more of Cascadia Fault Line! Enjoy!



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