Keith Canisius – We are the Dreamers

Keith Canisius – We are the Dreamers

Keith Canisius – “We Are The Dreamers”

Album Release Date: November 11, 2016

Label: Darla Records

Keith_CanisiusSonic artist Keith Canisius will release a whole new full album tomorrow with Darla Records. We’ve asked Keith a few questions about the new album and the changes since his last releases (see article on this blog: Meet Keith Canisius Sonic Wizard).

How are you? What have you been up to?
Keith :
Music wise different things. I’ve played around with my sci-fi synth project “Kippy” It’s on Bandcamp. I’ve composed music for classical musicians performing live over ambient layers I did under the Alias “Shortwave Broadcaster“. Besides from Music, it’s been family friends and work I guess ?

-Do you think this album differs from the preceding ones?
Keith: I think the album sounds a little darker somehow. It’s hard to explain, but if you know my other albums you might understand.

-Why Darla this time, and not Saint Marie Records?
Keith: Saint Marie Records is a great label, that really wants to do cool things with their artists. But they are really busy and I wanted this album out 2016, since some of the songs are 3 years old already. I also love Darla and have always appreciated that label. It’s also practical for me to have my releases in one place.

Review of ” We are the Dreamers”  by: Jennifer L. Holland

The thing about Keith Canisius is that he’s always taking us places ~ whether it is diving in waves (“Diving Day”), sailing across the glittering sea (“The Sea Me, Feel Me”), or walking through a forest as birds chirp from above (“LSD”) ~ an epic sonic journey ensues. With “We Are The Dreamers” we are skyrocketed to outer space!

 The opening track, “Milky Way”, begins with anxious sirens awaiting blast off into the wide open sky. One can only imagine his or her lover taking a hold of your hand tightly – assuringly, excitedly – as you are thrust up and out through the clouds. Guitars glimmer as you “drift all around” the atmosphere. Around the 3:30 mark, speed and sound pause – no doubt to gaze upon the earth below – only to rewind time for a few seconds before being pinballed between the stars.  Such a blissful sound-escape to take.


Much heavier and with a sense of urgency, “We Gotta Get Going” immediately thrusts into a dark hole of distorted guitars and angry keys. It’s dirty electro-pop-punk from a modern version of Blade Runner directed by Kevin Shields. The vocals register lower, cool yet panicked at the same time: “I can’t look you in the eye / I don’t want to be here / I want to run away / We gotta get going / There’s a million things / We gotta run fast / Find (?) something that lasts.” It’s hard to keep up running through a tunnel of heavy reverb. I can’t figure out if we’re being chased by something we don’t want or running towards something we desire.

There is a small piece of Heaven that awaits with the mid-tempo “’We Are The Dreamers”. Far more stripped down but still high in the sky, Canisius vocals reveal, “Sometimes I feel so shy, I only want to look away. Hold on, hold on. Some nights I can’t stop thinking…hold on, hold on.” There are opposing melody lines between the guitar and vocal parts (reminded of the falsetto of The Depreciation Guild), as well as some immaculate changes in the time signature. Then the original tune changes completely and reflects the metamorphic statement, “I’m going to be someone soon.”

Girl & Guy” is a euphoric shoegaze dance track akin to My Bloody Valentine’s “Soon” (which I refer to as the SEXIEST SONG IN CREATION). [I swear if you listen via headphones the first second is a sample from “Soon”, and if this is true then that is the raddest homage ever.] We are absolutely on the super hot planet of Venus now and this song is meant for deep kisses. The chorus of “Girl & Guy” is auditory foreplay – I could listen to it over and over and over again and still be satisfied. As the bass pulses everything else above & underneath explodes into zenith!

Heavily 80s influenced, “Be A Human Being” finds itself at mixed up party on the moon with aliens, humans and robots trying to connect. The words are mostly indistinguishable, perhaps otherworldly. By admittance, Canisius makes up the lyrics as he goes along so one is primarily left with the sonic feel of a song. This sounds as if New Order & Sigur Ros poured the drinks for the group that headed down to the basement. At the height of the song (2:15), The Cure crash land with cycling, searching guitars and a driving, dark bass line. The bridge is beyond any expectation one could have for a song – it’s damn near celestial as it channels through a dark passage, then vanishes.

If you are looking to explore genre-bending, eclectic music – from 80s electro-pop to shoegaze to modern rock – jump in the car or get on a spaceship or go for a walk with Canisius. You won’t know where he’s taking you, but your senses will enjoy every minute of the adventure! What you see and experience becomes the soundtrack.

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