Shoegaze On 2015 top 3 lists

newshoesShoegaze On 2015 top 3 lists:

These are the top gaze picks of 2015 by the Shoegaze On admins:

Estella Rosa: founder of Shoegaze On and owner of Fadeawayradiate. “Old” gazetress from Amsterdam.

  1. Death of Pop – “Gardens” EP : Brilliant group getting more brilliant every day. “Only Now” is their best song to date.
  2. Presents for Sally“Colours & Changes” : I had no idea how good they were until I did a review and listened attentively, which is required here. Good stuff.
  3. Tamaryn – “Cranekiss” : Surprisingly new sound with outstanding vocals. Despite the overall 80’s electropop feel “Cranekiss” and “I wont be found” still have a strong gazy vibe.

Chris Tressler:  musician in High On Sky…Listener, fan and supporter of independent shoegaze, dreampop and noise artists.

  1. Maria False – “When
  2. Cheatahs – “Murasaki” EP: the Maria False and Cheatahs releases encompass that sound that I love in a shoegaze band which is primarily the bands on the noisier side of the spectrum with some nice effects.
  3. Hammuravi – “Effervescence” single: I like this very much like for the same reasons as the aforementioned two bands and this just came out and I can’t get enough of this new band from Chile.

Wesley BreardI’m a sad puppy/alien/kid from LA and a sonic texture junk.

  1. Drab Majesty – “Careless” : Beautiful. Like a night of doing cocaine in a loft far above the city and gazing out at soft focus multicolored lights while a beautiful woman lies draped over the velvet couch on the other side of the room with hungering (sic) eyes.
  2. Beach House – “Depression Cherry“: This album captured my heart with its atmosphere of twinkling light synths, sad voices whispering through the sparse but lush and vivid guitar work.
  3. Joanna Gruesome – “Peanut Butter“: Ghost Noise channel the spirits and well, ghosts, of a sound that is both ethereal and incredibly haunting and personal, but remains modern and their own even while drawing clear inspiration from 80s post-punk goth, with manic guitar strings flying and achingly hurt voices chanting to the stars.

Luis Rodriguez: Some Dude.

  1. Unknowwn – “Anthems”:  Not much is known about this artist apart from the bandcamp page, hence the name. It is lo-fi drone shoegaze.  Unknowwn sound like the offspring of Big Black and Flying Saucer attack.  The album production is raw like all rock albums should be. This album will remind you of the first time you heard Bowery Electric and that’s a great thing.
  2. Vaya Futuro – “Perro Verde y Triste“: The Mexican quintet returns with a strong sophomore album.  The album varies from sweet ballads like “Auralado” to Stereolab influenced instrumentals like “201”.
  3. Tess Parks with Anton Newcombe –”I declare nothing“:  The Canadian songstress teams up with Anton Newcombe for her second album.  Tess Parks has a voice that has definitely smoked quite a few cigarettes.  Fans of Mazzy Star will dig this release.

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